A For Effort: Tutorial Program Thriving

A For Effort: Tutorial Program Thriving

4 weeks ago

The College’s tutorial program has been widely regarded as the superior program among the intercollegiate community for some time now. 2021 has proven to be no different. Spearheaded by recently appointed Senior Tutor, Ms Katie Allan, the Paul’s tutorial program has already been a monumental success.

Utilising current undergraduate and postgraduate Paulines, as well as the vast alumni community, the College offers tutorials in the subject areas of commerce, economics, engineering, law, medicine, science, mathematics, computer science, and music.

By the end of Week 4, over 110 tutorials had been held. Eighty percent of these took place in the undergraduate community, with the remaining twenty percent taking place either exclusively in Graduate House, or with mixed attendance from both communities.

This year has proven to be a year of firsts for the College in terms of tutorials offered. This is the first year that there’s been a Graduate House tutorial program for Medicine. The weekly tutorials, which are specifically targeted at Stages 1 and 2 of the Sydney Medical Programme, have been well received by the postgraduate community. Furthermore, this is also our first year of running combined Juris Doctor and Bachelor of Laws tutorials for both undergraduate and postgraduate law students. With our law students learning with, and from, each other across both communities, hopefully, our Pauline legal community will be strengthened even further.