Academic Results for 2021

Academic Results for 2021

10 months ago

Joyful news for Paul’s about last year’s academic results with 116 students – 99 undergraduate students and 17 postgraduate students – achieving a Distinction or High Distinction average in Semester 2. This is 37% of our undergraduate body, and 48% of our postgraduate coursework students!

Of our top 10 undergraduate performers, five were Freshmen in their first year of university study: Mr Tommy Lu (Bachelor of Advanced Computing/Bachelor of Science), Mr Jack Holt (Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Commerce), Mr Simon Toscan (Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Advanced Studies), Mr Riley Jones (Bachelor of Advanced Computing/Bachelor of Science), and Mr Aakash Singh (Bachelor of Engineering Hons (Civil)/Bachelor of Design Architecture) – all receiving a high distinction average. The undergraduate average mark was 70.6, and our postgraduate coursework students averaged 72.9.  

This is a fantastic achievement by all our students, particularly considering that all but four weeks of the semester took place in lockdown – learning online, physically isolated from course-mates and tutors, and working under a great deal of uncertainty. Senior Tutor, Miss Katie Allan said: “Semester 2, 2021 was particularly difficult for our undergraduate freshmen cohort as, after completing Year 12 under lockdown conditions in 2020, they were also navigating their first year at university under lockdown! However, we needn’t have worried – our freshmen, seniors, and postgraduates, achieved a wonderful set of results they can be proud of.”

An incredible 433 tutorials took place last semester – around half of them online! This support given to Paulines is one of the hallmarks of life here and not only benefits the students in tutes but also our tutors. Nearly all the tutors are themselves continuing with their studies and by providing this service they are enriching their own learning, earning a few dollars along the way, and contributing to the strong legacy of peer learning and peer support at Paul’s. A big thank you to all the tutorial staff at Paul’s for your support to the academic prosperity of the College.