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Since its foundation St Paul’s College has been built on philanthropy. The 228 original subscribers to the fund establishing the College have been joined by thousands more benefactors and the College continues its outstanding work today because of this ongoing generosity of the Pauline community.

This support – from alumni, students, staff, parents, and friends, who support the College each year – signals not only gratitude for what the College has already given but also a commitment to ensuring future generations are able to benefit from the transformative power of the all-round educational opportunities offered by the College.

The impact of this generosity is evident across the College, and in society beyond. What’s more, it works for generations to come.

We therefore encourage you to do all that you can, as soon as possible and as much as possible, to hand these opportunities on in even better shape to future generations.

Please commit NOW to making an annual gift to the College, through the St Paul’s College Foundation or direct to the College.

From the Foundation

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Geoff Lovell

Lloyd Waddy AM

June 2019

Dear member of St Paul’s College community,

Central to the College’s ongoing strength is the work of the St Paul’s College Foundation, which has operated as the College’s long-term endowment fund for more than 40 years.

The Foundation has raised $45 million through donations and investment returns, of which $25 million has been invested back into the College for the provision of much-needed scholarships, the maintenance of heritage buildings, and other important projects. In 2019 the Foundation has provided $775,000 to the College.

Importantly each year most students in residence, or parents on their behalf, make voluntary donations to the College and the Foundation, and thus begins one manifestation of a student’s gratitude to the College which we hope will last a lifetime.

Every dollar given to the Foundation will work forever.

St Paul’s College has been built upon philanthropy since its establishment in the 1850s and the St Paul’s College Foundation has remained central to the growth and maintenance of the College’s endeavours since 1977.

The Foundation is proud to have been a key benefactor in the expansion of the College, with the Ivan Head Building and the McMillan Building for Graduate House being officially opened by the Chancellor and dedicated by the Archbishop in March. One cannot understate the strength drawn by the College simply from the presence of the Foundation in undertaking this ambitious venture, which has now set up the College superbly for future generations.

The Foundation’s priorities continue to be to grow its endowment, to support students through scholarships, to maintain the essential fabric of the College – particularly its nationally significant heritage buildings – and to provide other special assistance to the College when needed.

Many of the current students excel academically and many of the College’s outstanding results were achieved by students supported by Foundation Scholarships. Thanks to your support our scholarships continue to underpin the academic success of the College and enable students from a wide range of backgrounds and needs to live and learn at St Paul’s.

The Foundation is pleased to be expanding its scholarship support in 2019, consistent with the larger number of students, including for those in Graduate House. The cost of attending College, and benefiting from its high quality programmes and facilities, is beyond the capacity of many the College would like to attract. So the Foundation’s support is vital, as it has always been.

The College’s older buildings are now part way through an extensive – and expensive – programme of upgrades to fire safety in response to requirements set down by the City of Sydney. The Foundation will be called upon to provide funding assistance for this.

It is pleasing that the Foundation’s investment portfolio has performed well, despite volatile investment markets and uncertain global conditions, being valued at $21.3 million at the end of March 2019.

Scholarships and fire safety upgrades aside, there is so much more to be done to secure St Paul’s College as one of the nation’s leading educational institutions. The Foundation’s support will be crucial, so we need your support more than ever.

As always, we are extremely grateful to those who make it their annual practice, indeed semi-annual practice in many cases, to make a donation to the Foundation. We are also grateful to parents of current students who give generously every year – there were 188 such cases in 2018.

For the 97% or so of Paulines who have not made a gift in the past 12 months, we ask you to think seriously about making a gift before 30 June 2019, to assist in providing the best collegiate educational experience for future generations, similar to the one you enjoyed in your own formative years.

We remind you that every dollar you give to the Foundation will work forever and all donations are fully tax deductible! So please give generously today.

Geoff Lovell

Lloyd Waddy AM

Geoff Lovell

Lloyd Waddy AM

College scholarships enable tomorrow's leaders to live and learn at St Paul's

In partnership with the College Foundation and with generous support of benefactors and donors, the College is able to offer scholarships and bursaries in excess of $1M annually.

These scholarships and bursaries enable the College to support academic and extracurricular excellence, and to provide opportunities for disadvantaged students and students from Indigenous backgrounds to have the best experience of undergraduate and postgraduate life.

“The Pauline Scholarship has been invaluable in enabling me to study at Sydney University and to live at St Paul’s. I matriculated to the University of Sydney and St Paul’s off the back of a state-school education, and so I understand, better than most, how lucky I am to study, live, and learn here. The Pauline Scholarship has allowed me to make the most of this opportunity.


“The financial assistance from this scholarship ensures that my brother and I can live and study at Sydney University, without excessively burdening our family back home in Newcastle. The demands of my role on the Student’s Club Committee, as a Peer Support Leader, of my part time jobs, of my sporting commitments, and of my degree, Media and Communications, means I have little free time – free time that I would rather spend studying than working to pay for college. I’m thoroughly enjoying my studies and the many extracurricular opportunities that will be of benefit to my career.”

– Harry Croker, Pauline Scholar

“As I embarked on a global search to find the right university environment for me, being a born and bred New Zealander, I fell in love with the unique environment that is St Paul’s College. I looked high and low, trying to find that elusive “fit” that would give me what I wanted out of university life. I found that at St Paul’s in August 2017 and immediately enrolled. Looking back on that time, it’s hard to imagine me choosing anywhere else.


“Without the Glendonbrook Scholarship, it would not have been possible for me to attend St Paul’s. The Scholarship has enabled me to experience the multitude of opportunities St Paul’s College has to offer – not just a place to live close to lectures, but a vibrant community. I’ve helped to run a music festival, heard a former High Court Justice speak and, most importantly, made friends with whom I am sure I will maintain a lifelong bond. I could not be happier with my choice to attend St Paul’s, and I’ll be forever grateful to the Glendonbrook Foundation for giving me this remarkably special opportunity.”

– Jacob Lerner – Glendonbrook Scholar

“In my economics and engineering studies, I have had the opportunity to learn about humanitarian engineering, environmental sustainability and economic history. Currently, I am writing an honours thesis on the topic of minimising construction and demolition waste. In the future, I hope to contribute to finding environmentally and economically sustainable solutions to issues of overburdened landfills, the disposal of hazardous waste and the management of raw material shortages.


“I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to live at St Paul’s College, surrounded by other students who are pursuing research in so many interesting areas. I have enjoyed taking part in many aspects of college life, including the role of Secretary on the provisional Middle Common Room committee, attending dinner seminars and singing in the St Paul’s College Chapel Choir. I am very grateful for the scholarship which has enabled me to be part of this very special community.”

– Deirdre Mair – Foundation Scholar, Graduate House

Annual Giving

Annual Giving is essential for the ongoing operation of the College. Your annual gift, no matter how large or small, works for the benefit of current and future students.

Your gift can be directed to the St Paul’s College Foundation or direct to the College, either for specific purposes or left to the discretion of the Warden for spending on the College’s most urgent priorities.

Annual Giving Priorities Include:

Scholarships: in particular please help the College expand its range of needs-based scholarships for undergraduates and graduate students.

New facilities: please help us finish our new buildings to a world class standard with:

– Study Centre/Library design, fit-out and furnishing
– Hexagonal multi-purpose building design, construction and fit-out
– Meeting rooms

Existing facilities:

– Maintenance of heritage buildings
– Upgrade of other facilities such as tutorial rooms

A vision of the Study Centre/Library space
A vision of the Study Centre/Library space
The current Study Centre/Library space on the lower ground floor of the McMillan Building
The current Study Centre/Library space on the lower ground floor of the McMillan Building

Be part of our future

St Paul’s College aspires today to be a modern, internationally-minded, outward-looking Australian Anglican college: a place where students, academic staff and visitors – reflecting the full spectrum of university life – interact, grow and learn from one another in a mutually supportive environment.

We will only achieve this vision with the support of our benefactors.

Please consider supporting the College through a tax deductible donation.

Our deep thanks also to recent benefactors and donors, who are listed in our Annual Giving Appeal booklet.

Read the full Annual Giving Appeal booklet by clicking the link below, or choose an option to give today or to contact the College for more information about major gifts and bequests.