Chapel organ celebration

Chapel organ celebration

3 weeks ago

Here is a clip from the Re-dedication concert on 17 April with director of Music Mr David Drury (organ), Mr John Foster (trumpet) and Miss Elise Morton (soprano) performing GH Handel’s ‘Let the Bright Seraphim’.

After the welcome from the Warden, the College Chaplain, Revd Antony Weiss, led the re-dedication of the organ. The organ remained silent until the organ scholar Miss Stacey Yang of Graduate House began the concert with Felix Mendelssohn’s celebratory Sonata No. 4 (Allegro con brio). The music continued with David taking over the bench and performing a broad repertoire from a 16th century Erbach Canzon to J S Bach’s Toccata, Adagio and Fugue in C to a 20th century Moreau Cantabile.

Both Elise and John joined David to augment the splendid sound of the newly refurbished organ that was built by the Dutch firm of D A Flentrop in 1971 thanks to the generosity of the late Sir Alexis Albert CMG and his family. The College acknowledges the generosity of so many who have contributed to the College’s fund raising efforts over so many years, especially the original Chapel Appeal of the 1950s. The donation of the organ has become a well loved essential and historic component of the musical and spiritual life of the College since its installation in 1972. Even today it is the only Flentrop instrument in Australia.

After 47 years of service the organ was in need of a refurbishment and detailed clean. The Sydney organ builder Peter D G Jewkes was chosen for the work which began in 2019. During COVID things slowed while the key boards spent some time in Germany at Aug Laukhuff in Weikersheim and we waited for the construction of the new Krumhoorn pipes by Killinger Pfeifen in Freiberg. The project included the additon of a Klokster, a set of 5 bells, a traditional musical embellishment of the Dutch organ school.

The College holds regular chapel services daily and on Tuesdays during Semester Choral Evensong from 5.30 pm with the College choir and organ.

The next chapel choir concert will be held on Friday 22 May at 8.00 pm – all welcome.