Community engagement re: co-residency at St Paul’s College

Community engagement re: co-residency at St Paul’s College

1 week ago

At several points over the last fifty years, the Council has considered whether becoming a fully co-residential College would be beneficial to St Paul’s and its future. As part of the Council’s continued strategic development, and particularly in relation to how the College can best achieve its vision into the future, this question is again under consideration.

The undergraduate community has been all male for 165 years and therefore any change would be significant. As such, the Council is inviting feedback from current residents, parents and alumni on this issue. This feedback will be very beneficial for the Council’s deliberations.

In 2020, the St Paul’s College Council developed and adopted the following vision for the College:

St Paul’s College aspires to be internationally recognised as a place of rigorous intellectual, moral and spiritual engagement at the heart of the University, which aims to provide a transformative experience for students by creating a learning and life-enriching environment. It desires to strengthen two mutually enriching communities, one for undergraduates and one for graduates, which work together to achieve excellence in the University and for wider society. St Paul’s seeks to let engagement with its Anglican foundation enrich the moral and spiritual development of its members so they may fruitfully contribute to their communities for the rest of their lives.

Please use the following link to provide your feedback on whether you think remaining all male or being fully co-residential will be more beneficial to realising this vision.

Please provide your contact details so a member of Council can be in touch with you should further clarification of your responses be required. If you would like to give feedback, respond by Friday 21 May 2021 so the Council can consider your reflections at its next meeting.

Kind Regards,

Mark Elliott (Chairman) and Ed Loane (Warden)