Derek Young and the dark side of COVID

Derek Young and the dark side of COVID

2 weeks ago

Derek Young, in College 1984-86, is one of a number of Australians, one-in-five victims of the COVID virus, who have a debilitating ‘Long COVID’ illness. Read Derek’s story by following the link below and learn more about the severe ongoing problems associated with the pandemic.

At this time we only know of one Pauline who has died as a result of the pandemic, Robert Crichton-Brown (in College 1962) whose obituary can be found on the Requiescat in Pace page.

Link to SMH Story

As a matter of interest there are now over 25 students in College studying Doctor of Medicine or other post-graduate health degrees. These emerging health professional face an increasingly complex career in the health care profession. We would love to hear from Paulines in front line health who would like to share their progress, warnings and achievements.

PIC: Gabriela Domicelj and her husband Derek Young (from SMH)