Graduate House scholarship winners say “thank you” for life-changing opportunity

Graduate House scholarship winners say “thank you” for life-changing opportunity

2 years ago

Yet more students whose membership of St Paul’s College, including Graduate House, has been made possible by scholarships and bursaries have been thanking their donors for these life-changing opportunities.

The last e-news reported on the many undergraduate scholarship and bursary winners who have written letters of thanks. This month we report on members of Graduate House who are doing so.

Several students have been enabled to enter Graduate House and thus become members of St Paul’s College through scholarships or bursaries provided by the College and the St Paul’s College Foundation. They have recently been writing to the Chair of the College Council and the Chair of the Foundation to express their gratitude.

One of the themes of their letters of thanks is a commitment to do what they can to ensure that future students have opportunities at least as good as the opportunities that scholarships have now given them.

Excerpts from letters include: 

“Without the support of the Foundation, I would not have had the opportunity to have experienced the incredible year that I have been so fortunate to have had at College… Thank you again for your support and generosity, it has been a great blessing to me.”

“I can confidently say that I would not be here without the very generous bursary. I have had a fantastic time at this most transformative period of my life. I will be moving onwards next year for medical placements, but this place and this year will doubtless remain with me in more ways than I am able to recognise.”

“The award of a Graduate House Scholarship indicates your faith that I belong in the St Paul’s community. As a regional student who has never lived in Sydney before, this faith gives me confidence to approach my studies and extra-curricular activities with a positive frame of mind, safe in the knowledge that at the end of the day I have somewhere in the city to call home.”

“Thank you for the Graduate House scholarship, without which I would not have been able to attend St Paul’s… It is so special to find a place such as this, where people are united through a common set of values. At Graduate House, I have found myself welcomed into a community where academia and respect for ideas of others are treasured and where all members are enthusiastic about contributing to the community.”

“The community here at St Paul’s has positively affected my life in so many ways, academically, socially, and spiritually. It’s been an honour to be included as part of the first year of Graduate House. It’s meant a lot to me, and I look forward to giving back to the community here.”

These and other letters highlight the truly transformative effect of the provision of full and part scholarships and bursaries to talented and motivated students who could not otherwise gain the benefits of living and learning at St Paul’s, either as undergraduates or in Graduate House. 

Donations to the Foundation or directly to the College to support scholarships and bursaries are always warmly welcome (and are fully tax deductible in Australia). Give here now.