Grisp mentor program continues to grow

Grisp mentor program continues to grow

9 months ago

Mentors of current students gathered at the College on 21 October to celebrate the growth of the Grisp program. The program has grown to facilitate the partnering of 32 mentors and students in their penultimate or final year of university.

The mentors are old Paulines and their work colleagues, with experience in their respective fields, who are keen to help third or fourth years with the often difficult transition from academia to practice.

Mentors and their students joined formal dinner to socialise and to hear from the Sub-Warden, Dr Mark Schembri, on the mutual benefits of developing relationships built on practical work place skills. The Sub-Warden emphasised the importance of community and belonging which accompanies a mentoring relationship.

The Grisp program endeavours to support the provision of ongoing professional mentoring and advice for students of St Paul’s College. It offers a platform where past and present residents of the College meet, share connections and inspire others to be facilitators of business leadership and the shapers of tomorrow’s society. The underlying vision is that through effective mentoring, old Paulines can generate positive social outcomes for the residents of St Paul’s College.

Old Pauline or their partners and friends who are interested in becoming a mentor for the 2020 program or wanting to learn more about the program should contact the convener, Hugh MacDiarmid via the Director of Community Development, Richard Morgan on or tel. 02 9550 7472.

Pictured: Student Convenors of the Grisp Program (Hugh MacDiarmid and Will Chryssafis)