Grisp mentoring program delivers for students

Grisp mentoring program delivers for students

2 years ago

Old Paulines mentoring current students brings a direct gain which is being realised through the St Paul’s College Union Grisp initiative. A successful pilot during the 2018/19 summer break has led to an expanded program in 2019. 

Present students meet and share scholarly progress and life experiences with alumni providing effective mentoring that can generate positive social and professional outcomes. 

The Grisp initiative is creating avenues for old Paulines and their professional colleagues to have a meaningful and on-going relationship with current members of the College community. The students in the initiative, usually in their third year of study, receive advice and coaching to kick-start and guide a career path.

It is an opportunity for Pauline mentors to give back to their old College and they are inspiring some of their friends and colleagues to join them. They become facilitators of business learning and the shapers of tomorrow’s leaders.

Currently the program has 31 mentors looking after 31 mentees across the areas of marketing, technology, construction, consulting, accounting, banking, law, business and start-ups.

One of the traditions of collegiate life is to make up words such as “Boomalakka”. “Grisp” is such a word that has been around St Paul’s for as long as we can remember. It is perhaps a corruption of “grist” with the meaning “useful”. The Urban Dictionary suggests “grisp” has a meaning close to “grasp” or “to grip”. So, it is an appropriate name for the Union’s initiative. 

The Union’s Grisp Committee brings together old Paulines and current student leaders. It plans to expand the program in 2020. The co-ordination is student-led, providing opportunities to learn about organisation and management, another advantage of being a student at St Paul’s. 

Alumni are encouraged to be involved. Paulines interested in becoming a mentor for the 2020 program or wanting to learn more about the initiative should email current student Hugh MacDiarmid via Richard Morgan (Director of Community Development) at

Pictured above: James Sinclair (4thYear) and Nick Ingate (2003-06)