College Bar

College Bar

The College is unique in operating its fully licensed Salisbury Bar. The College Bar has become a traditional center for the social occasions and celebrations at St Paul’s.

The College Bar complies with all licensing regulations including the responsible service of alcohol and its licence is highly valued and protected by College members.

The Bar was established by a bequest of the late Charles V. Salisbury.

The Bar is managed by a Bar Manager appointed by the College. A team of students is appointed by the Warden (in consultation with the Students’ Club Committee, the Sub-Warden and other relevant staff) to work in the Bar. The Bar Manager mentors, and supervises the student Bar Team. The licensee of the College bar is Dr Mark Schembri.

The Bar and the wider College cater equally for the non-drinking students. By College policy, a range of non-alcoholic beverages are always available.

Significant physical and other improvements to the College Bar have been made in 2018-19 as part of the College’s Action Plan for Cultural Renewal, arising from the 2018 Broderick Report on College culture.

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