Med tutes don’t stop for Lockdown

Med tutes don’t stop for Lockdown

12 months ago

Sydney may be in lockdown, but the academic year continues at St Paul’s. Our first year medical students attended their first tutorial of the new semester at the end of July, an introduction to endocrinology. The tutorial was led by MCR Middle Prefect Mr Meheer Zaveri (GH Year 2 MD).

The students are determined to keep each other safe in lockdown and use the collegial environment to work through the Pandemic restrictions together using online audio-visual technology. Despite this, the first year of running the Paul’s Med Tute programme now feels part of the normal rhythm of College life for MD and other post-graduate medical students. This programme is being managed by the Assistant Senior Tutor Hayden Randall.

The tutorials are ‘blocked’ for the Stage 1 and Stage 2 medical students and include, amongst others, endocrinology, gastroenterology, oncology, sexual health, urology and renal tutes, as well as anatomy revisions for all years during semester. There are nine in-house tutors in the Med programme, ranging from 2nd years to 4th years, all members of the Graduate House community.

The positive impact of this programme is reflected in the comments of students who really like the opportunity for collaboration as residents of the College. Tute leadership by the students who have recent learning and ‘prac’ experienced is hugely beneficial.