Paul’s success in international law comp

Paul’s success in international law comp

1 year ago

Mr Tim Berney-Gibson (GH Year 3) and alumna Ms Aoife Hogan (2020), representing Sydney University, were placed 2nd in Negotiation in an international legal negotiation competition in July.

This amazing achievement was the result of being chosen to participate in Consensual Dispute Resolution – the Dispute Resolution of a New Generation competition conducted by the Vienna International Arbitral Centre and the International Bar Association online out of Vienna.

The competition is an innovative type of educational competition combining the arts and skills of mediation and negotiation held over five days with mock mediations, educational programs and social events. University teams from around the world are selected on competitive entry and compete in mediation and negotiation with professionals from law, academia, business and governments over more than 50 competition sessions.

The 2021 event involved student from 22 universities from around the world.

Tim and Aoife had an outstanding coach, Ms Emily Knoblanche, a senior consultant with PwC Australia, who was invaluable and accompanied them every late night. They won each of the four preliminary rounds, the quarter-finals and the semi-finals before narrowly losing to the National University of Singapore in the grand final. 

Aoife and Tim have worked as a partnership team in negotiations competitions for more than a year having won the Sydney University Law Society (SULS) Junior Division Negotiations Competition in mid 2020 and later represented SULS at the intervarsity SULS v Blackstone (UWA) Competition in late 2020 which they also won.  Their first ever loss in negotiations was actually the grand final of the Vienna competition! The College community is thrilled to see two of its own ‘legal-eagles’ flying high to gain a world 2nd.