Pre-Tertiary Mentoring Program for HSC Students

Pre-Tertiary Mentoring Program for HSC Students

2 years ago

College is thrilled to be able to support a new initiative developed by current Paulines Jake Slaytor and Max Glanville; threefourfive. 

threefourfive is a completely free online mentoring service for Year 12 students to help them navigate their way through the disruptions caused by the outbreak of COVID-19. The HSC is hard enough on its own, let alone when there is unprecedented disruption to all aspects of daily life.

The program takes place on Skype or Zoom, and each high school student is paired with a volunteer university student mentor who leads a short, regular and meaningful one-to-one conversation which encourages motivation, goal setting and planning. By having mentors who have recently completed the HSC and are practically the same age as themselves, students are able to feel more comfortable talking about their progress and work, as their mentors are relatable and can provide relevant advice. Importantly, all of our mentors go through an extensive application process to ensure they are suitable for the role. They must submit a written application, pass an online video interview, and have a valid Working with Children Check (WWC) along with strict academic requirements.

The structure of the program is derived from the name: there are three sessions a week, each conversation is focused on one – or some – of four topics (time management, study skills, progress, goal setting), and each call goes for about five minutes.

threefourfive launched in spectacular fashion and has participants from 11 schools across New South Wales and has a growing presence in several other states. threefourfive was recently featured in the Sydney Morning Herald and has received a grant from the Tomorrow Fund to support its work.

College is proud to be a partner in supporting this initiative during the COVID-19 crisis and in helping smooth the transition for year 12 students and potential future Paulines, families and friends of our beloved College.

Please visit to sign up interested students today.