Press Release – St Paul’s College to Admit Women as Undergraduate Members

Press Release – St Paul’s College to Admit Women as Undergraduate Members

1 year ago

St Paul’s College in the University of Sydney is pleased to announce that it will become fully co-residential for the 2023 academic year. The College Council voted on 25 October 2021 to open admissions to undergraduate women for the first time since its founding in 1856. St Paul’s was all-male until 2019, when it began admitting postgraduate women to its fully co-residential Graduate House.

The Council made the decision to admit women undergraduates following a period of thorough community consultation throughout 2021, which included gathering input from current students, alumni, members of the broader community, and the University of Sydney.

The Warden of the College, The Rev’d Dr Ed Loane, said “We are so pleased to be able to announce this exciting new chapter in the history of our College. St Paul’s has a distinguished history of producing society’s leaders in business, the church, academia, the arts and politics, including two Prime Ministers. In order to excel at forming the nation’s leaders through the twenty-first century, as well as giving broader access to the benefits St Paul’s offers, full co-residency is an important step.”

The Chairman of Council, Mr Mark Elliott, said, “I am really looking forward to welcoming a much larger number of young women to St Paul’s College. The proud traditions of pursuing academic excellence and developing future leaders and contributors will continue to be our focus. Providing the College’s programmes, facilities and opportunities to all young people, regardless of gender, is an essential element in achieving our aspiration of being one of the best in the world.”

The Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Mark Scott, said, “The College Council has run an extensive consultation process to help reach this significant decision. The University of Sydney has a long and productive affiliation with St Paul’s College and looks forward to a continued close association in the years ahead.”

The Senior Student, Mr Matt Moran, said, “The student body is grateful for the consultation process that has been undertaken by St Paul’s College Council over the course of the year. We look forward to working with staff to make this transition as smooth as possible.”