Scholarship winners say “thank you” for life-changing opportunities

Scholarship winners say “thank you” for life-changing opportunities

3 years ago

The many students at St Paul’s who have received scholarships to support their living and learning in College have been writing to donors of their scholarships to express their gratitude for this life-changing opportunity.

This year, the College has awarded scholarships – principally on the basis of academic merit and financial need – worth over $1 million to undergraduate and graduate students. This scholarship support is made possible through the generosity of many alumni and friends of the College, to whom the College – like the scholarship recipients – is deeply grateful.

Many scholarships are provided by the St Paul’s College Foundation, to which hundreds of people have donated, including through bequests such as that of the late John Booth. Several scholarships are provided through the ongoing generosity of such donors as Robert Albert and the Glendonbrook Foundation, medical alumni, and some anonymous donors.

Many other scholarships are provided through individual endowments created by generous gifts over the last century and more –  including historic endowments such as the Grainger and Wallace Anderson endowments, the more recent generous gift of Gary McConnell, and bequests such as the Bundock, Sharp, Callaway, Collis-George, and McFarlane bequests.

Letters to donors include moving tributes and thanks. Excerpts include these:

“This benefaction has, to put it mildly, changed my life. It has enabled me to study and live in Sydney, allowed me to form life-long connections with like-minded individuals, and facilitated my personal development in immeasurable ways… I aspire to reach a position where I can honour the tradition of benefaction by allowing others to experience the same exciting opportunities that I have had the privilege to be afforded.”

“Like many rural families, the drought has not been kind to mine. This generosity has inspired me to help others around the community and hopefully one day I will be fortunate enough to be able to help students and families like you have done for me.”

“I am the first person in my extended family to attend university… I very much hope that such generosity will be repeated for future students in a similar need of such assistance.”

“I believe that not only have my academic endeavours been far better served by the ability to pursue them with all due effort, but I have been able to assist and to participate in the College community, especially in our College dramatic productions, in ways that would not otherwise be possible.”

“This scholarship allowed me to focus on what was truly important to me: academics and the enriching social aspect of St Paul’s. Furthermore, just as I have benefited from the generosity of others, I hope, in turn, that I can support others in the future to assist in their academic pursuits. Through the generosity of the scholarship, I have been inspired to help others and give back to the community.”

“This scholarship has afforded me the time and opportunity to participate in a collaborative learning environment and has aided my understanding of numerous subjects, as well as my performance in exams…I have also enjoyed the opportunity to teach my younger peers in [my] subjects, which in turn has taught me just as much, if not more.”

 “Coming from rural Australia, making the shift to life at University was extremely challenging. However, I can safely say that I have found a home at St Paul’s, an institution which has fostered my academic and personal growth. The Foundation Indigenous Scholarship reflects the College’s commitment to the process of reconciliation… On behalf of the wider Indigenous community, I thank you for your support.”

“St Paul’s has been an inclusive and welcoming community, allowing me to create lifelong friendships whilst still focusing on achieving outstanding academic results. Once again, I thank you for your generosity. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude, and I hope that one day I will be able to enable young adults like myself, to have the experience and be part of a community as fine as this one.”

Many other scholarship winners have written in similar vein, expressing gratitude for the transformative impact on their lives of the scholarships that have enabled them to be at St Paul’s. Grateful for the opportunity given to them by the generosity of others, they are clearly increasingly committed to handing on such opportunities in time to others who come after them.

Donations to the Foundation or directly to the College to support scholarships and bursaries are always warmly welcome! Give here now.

Pictured above: Glendonbrook Trustees Martin Ritchie and Lord Glendonbrook (centre) with Glendonbrook Scholars Matt Sullivan, Deni Hoxha, Marcus Valastro, Adam Kadmon, and Jacob Lerner on the Rooftop Terrace at St Paul’s.