ONLINE 2021 College Information Sessions

ONLINE 2021 College Information Sessions

2 years ago

College is excited to share the availability of online St Paul’s College information sessions for prospective residents. As both school and college life looks a little different in the current climate we are reaching out to as many potential students as we can to help support their decisions about tertiary studies and finding their home for 2021 and beyond. Significant evidence shows that those who live and learn in a College environment go on to have higher results, are more engaged with their studies and community and maintain a higher state of wellbeing *.

We are currently taking Expressions of Interest from any student who may be considering St Paul’s or is just exploring their options more broadly. Both Zoom and Skype calls are available and they can be with a member of staff, a current student or both.

As we aren’t able to provide tours at the moment these calls will be able to provide a sense of what College life is like, answer any questions about transitioning to University study, scholarships and financial support and help prospective students establish some connections and a network should they have any queries into the future.

Students can sign up here .


St Paul’s College is a residential college for male undergraduate students at the University of Sydney and other metropolitan universities. We aim to offer the best university experience possible: the exhilaration of living and learning together in a supportive and caring environment.

Situated within the University of Sydney, St Paul’s is the oldest college of its kind in Australia. Today the male undergraduate community of around 260 sits alongside the new Graduate House, home to 140 female and male postgraduates and academics. Across the fence sits The Women’s College, with whom St Paul’s has shared a close bond for over a hundred years.

It would be a mistake to think of St Paul’s as merely a convenient place to live. As both a residential and teaching college, it models itself on the offerings of the great collegiate universities of the world such as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Princeton. If you come to Paul’s you will be joining a learning community comprising highly-motivated, intellectually curious and ambitious young men. It is a place of good conversation and lively debate! In addition, our programme of over 60 tutorials in core 1st and 2nd year subjects is one of the very best reasons for wanting to come here.

Paul’s students are able to integrate their academic, cultural and sporting life along with social activities, leadership opportunities and community service. But above all – and at its core – College is about friendship. For many students, a large university campus such as our own can be a daunting and, at times, impersonal place. What draws most applicants to St Paul’s is the notion of belonging to a smaller community within a much larger one, a community where one is known, respected and cared for, and to which one can give back.

You can also view a short video, that gives a glimpse of College life, here:

* How College Affects Students III: 21st Century Evidence that Higher Education Works