The College Archives has many stories to tell

The College Archives has many stories to tell

6 months ago

Preservation of the historic records of the College has been a century-long project. In its various locations – from a wardrobe to the ground floor of the Mansfield – old Paulines and descendants of Paulines have been very generous in giving memorabilia to the College for its ‘collection’. Today these gifts are respected as enthralling ‘treasures’ of the College

During lockdown there were opportunities to get interested students engaged and a review of the archives concluded that access is an important strategy for the collection in the future.  Mr James Rossiter (BE/BBus Year 1) and Mr Alex Back (BA/BAdvStud Year 3), pictured, are assisting Mr Philip Barr and Mr Richard Morgan in a sorting project that will lead to an open source online catalogue of the College photographic images. We have been delighted to find the collection has been well maintained by contract archivist, Miss Kylee Nicholls from The History Company, and contains many artefacts worthy of display in a future permanent exhibition in the Mansfield. More to come when progress is made.

One important message for Paulines is that the Archives continues to grow and the team is eagre to accept memorabilia considered interesting for future Paulines of any generation. Thanks to a recent cash donation new equipment will be purchased so that ‘The Mansfield Committee’ can work more efficiently and over the next year make the collections more accessible through physical exhibitions and online. Current students will be helping in projects to create records of past Paulines’ and past Fellows’ achievements, appointments and awards and those essential primary sources, such as articles and schedules to support further scholastic research.

The hard cover version of the College’s history: Hearts and Minds: St Paul’s College, Sydney University 1815-2016 by Professor Alan Atkinson, can be purchased from the College.