The Reverend Dr Max Wood appointed to St Paul’s College Council

The Reverend Dr Max Wood appointed to St Paul’s College Council

8 months ago

The St Paul’s College Council is delighted to announce the appointment of the Reverend Dr Max Wood as a Council Fellow.

Following the recent casual vacancy resulting from the appointment of the 12th Warden of St Paul’s College, the Council unanimously resolved to invite Revd Dr Wood to re-join Council.

Revd Dr Max Wood accepted the invitation and will officially commence as a Council Fellow from Wednesday 15 January, 2020. Revd Dr Wood had previously served the College community as a Fellow from April 2015 to November 2018, when the modernised St Paul’s College Act 2018 reduced the number of Fellows from 18 to 12.

During his tenure, Revd Dr Wood made an integral contribution towards the planning and commencement of the Ivan Head and Graduate House Buildings. “It is a great honour to be welcomed back to St Paul’s to serve as a Fellow for the benefit of the students and the wider college community” said Revd Dr Wood.

Born and raised in Sydney, Revd Dr Wood attended Trinity Grammar School before practicing as a solicitor. His passion for academia saw him travel to the United Kingdom to pursue his doctoral studies.

Revd Dr Wood currently serves as the Rector of the Anglican Parish of St Luke at Mosman. He and his wife, Danielle, together have two children.

The Council look forward to working with Revd Dr Wood once again.

Mr Mark Elliott