Tutes emanate from a far(m)

Tutes emanate from a far(m)

9 months ago

The famous College “tutes” have become the focal point of intellectual life within the College, according to one of our tutors.  Since the start of Semester 2 around 200 tutorials have been provided in all courses ranging from: languages to space engineering; to ecosystems science; to digital music production, in the Graduate House and undergraduate communities plus a number of tutorials bring both together.

Tutors and students are ‘Zooming’ into tutorials from overseas and all over Australia. Mr Angus Malmo (Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Advanced Studies Year 3) who would normally be resident in Lower Radford runs tutorials in biology and chemistry and Zooms-in from his family farm in the Riverina. Angus reports: “Whilst the whiteboardless nature of online tutoring is definitely not ideal, the fact that the academic cogs are still moving at St Paul’s is a credit to the College staff. Even in this difficult period, I think we all need to be grateful for what an incredible place St Paul’s is, both when present and remote.”

Mr Luke Amjah would normally be living his uni days in level 2 of the Ivan Head Building now zooms in from his family property in the Southern Highlands. Luke said “being able to attend tutorials from the farm has been extremely helpful in understanding the key concepts of intermediate macroeconomics taught by the wonderful Jackson Rodgers (even the horses were interested!).”

Students have reported that Paul’s tutes are a great way to connect with friends from College and share the challenges of studying online. The Senior Tutor, Ms Katie Allen, said “our tutors are wonderful mentors, leaders, and teachers in our college community. That fact we have been able to carry on tutorials almost as normal, despite being across Australia and overseas, is a testament to their commitment, energy, and enthusiasm for helping others. Our tutors are a fantastic group of Paulines and friends.”