Valediction after a remarkable College experience

Valediction after a remarkable College experience

5 months ago

The annual Valedictory Dinner was held on 26 October and celebrated the contributions to the life of St Paul’s by 58 valedictorians. Speeches honouring those departing were given by Messrs Jack Attenborough, Tom Burrow, Charlie Cox, Tom Kirkland, Finn Murdoch and Jack Towers. A theme emerged that being at Paul’s was “the best years of my life” which will resonate with many alumni.  Tom invoked those remaining to “be a sponge” and soak up everything that the College has to offer. The night was “Paul’s at its best” to quote Head of Admissions, Mr Philip Barr.

The College congratulates its 2022 valedictorians and thanks them for the impact they have had on the life of Paul’s and most importantly for the fellowship they have formed with their peers and younger Paulines.

Also during the night a special evensong was held as the Valedictory Service with wonderful support from our organist, Mr David Drury, and the choir under the direction of Mr Jack Stephens. We heard from the Warden who delivered the sermon on the Prodigal Son. We look forward to our leavers returning as alumni in the future.

During the dinner the following awards for 2022 were made:

  • Albert Medal for Instrumental Music: Mr Alex Back
  • Asimus Medal for Oratory: Mr Bryson Constable
  • Drury Medal for Singing: Mr Isander Mesimeris and Mr Bligh Walter
  • Waddy Medal for Debating: Mr Sebastian Hodge
  • Felix Arnott Medal for Drama: Mr Tom Burrow
  • Freshman Sportsman of the Year: Mr Jack Matthews
  • Sportsman of the Year: Mr Hayden Fleming
  • Kokoda Award, awarded to members of the Students’ Club Committee: Mr Henry Hughes,
  • Mr Seb Shanahan, Mr Mitch Cassie, Mr Hayden Fleming, Mr Nick Jones, Mr Tom Nivison and Mr Steven Parras
  • Kokoda Richardson Service Award, awarded to the student who best represents the ideals of service courage, endurance, mateship and sacrifice: Mr Joe Scopas
  • The Vessel of St Paul Himself, awarded to the student whose demeanour and involvement embodies the Pauline spirit and character – one who possesses and consistently demonstrates the qualities we hope to instil in all who attend this great College: Mr Seb Hodge
  • Lehane Medal and Scholarship, in memory of the late Justice John Robert Felix Lehane (College 1962-64), sometime Senior Tutor and Chairman of Council of the College; awarded to a student resident for at least three years who, by his participation in the activities of the College, and by his academic, cultural, sporting or other achievements, has made an exemplary contribution to the life and standing of the College: Mr Seb Shanahan