What’s happened to The Pauline?

What’s happened to The Pauline?

8 months ago

Since 1911 the St Paul’s College Union has published the annual journal of St Paul’s College. The Union is the august body that brings together all current and former residents of the College. In recent years the College has added the Mallard to its publication list which is the annual journal of Graduate House.

The last printed Pauline was produced in 2013. Like so many editions it is now a rare specimen. The 2014 and 2015 journals were combined into a single volume, the last being number 113, and published electronically in 2020. This edition is available for download CLICK HERE.

The remainder are in various stages of production from “editing” to “layout”. There is a small working group of dedicatees, Messrs Philip Barr (1973-76), Harry Croker (2017-20) and Richard Morgan (1978-82) taking care of these tasks with the goal of e-publishing 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 in the New Year. If anyone would like to help and has skills in editing/publishing/InDesign please make contact!

For all inquiries about access to past-printed and current e-versions contact community@stpauls.edu.au.

PIC: in 2017 Mr Selwyn Owen (Alumni Officer), Mr Patrick Hall (Editor) and Warden Ivan Head looking over articles for The Pauline 2016.