Graduate House

Australia’s leading graduate community for women and men

Graduate House is a collegiate community for postgraduates and academics of the University of Sydney. Graduate House is part of St Paul’s College, the oldest university college in Australia, and its members and alumni are Paulines. The House provides its members an enriching, scholarly life in a unique setting.

The Graduate House community includes 140 women and men graduate students and academics. The House welcomed its first resident members in January 2019.

We invite all enthusiastic, community-minded women and men to apply to join Graduate House. Anyone who has completed a university degree and is studying at the University of Sydney is eligible for student membership. Academics of the University of Sydney, or visiting from other universities may apply for Senior Membership.

In a beautiful physical environment inspired by the colleges of Oxford and Cambridge, career academics, research and professional degree students, and taught graduate students live and work together in an enriching academic setting at the heart of the university. Residents benefit from quality communal meals, seminars with distinguished academics, recreational activities and facilities, and a thriving and welcoming community of diverse peers.

The House has its own dining hall, Common Rooms, social spaces, garden, and a beautiful roof terrace with views over the University and the city. Members also have access to all the facilities of St Paul’s College, including the library, Chapel, and gymnasium.

Graduate House offers accommodation of a very high standard, in new en-suite studios and apartments, all with their own kitchen facilities.

Single and couples’ accommodation is available.

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Please note scholarship applications for 2020 have now closed.

Academics interested in becoming senior members please contact the Dean care of

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