Handbook, Policies
and Governance

College Governance

The College’s governing body is its Council, established by statute, consisting of the Warden and twelve Fellows.

The St Paul’s College Act 2018, passed by State Parliament on 14 November 2018, modernised the governance of the College, including reducing the size and increasing the diversity of the College Council.

The St Paul’s College Act 2018 is here. It received Royal Assent on 22 November 2018, and came into effect on 4 February 2019 (a date fixed by proclamation).

Upon the commencement of the St Paul’s College Act 2018, the College’s previous By-laws ceased to have effect. New By-laws were made and adopted by the Council on 4 February 2019 and subsequently amended and adopted on 28 February 2020 – St Paul’s College By-laws current as at 28 February 2020.

For details of the 2018 governance modernisation, following extensive consultation, click here.

The governance reform of St Paul’s College was passed with the support of both the Government and the Opposition, and with the support of the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sydney (Dr Michael Spence AC), the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney (the Most Revd Dr Glenn Davies), the Broderick Project Team that undertook the cultural review of the College in 2018, the College Council, and the committee of the St Paul’s College Union (the alumni body).

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