Undergraduate Life

Undergraduate Life

Friendship and community are at the heart of the Paul’s experience. Paul’s is a place where you are welcomed, respected and recognised for who you are. The College has a strong commitment to providing the best all-round educational experience for our students. The benefits of sharing the learning experience with fellow students are significant to all students who walk through these doors.


St Paul’s is a close-knit community where staff and students alike are here to help you. From the moment you enter Paul’s you will be made to feel welcome and cared for, especially by the Student Deans who will maintain close contact with you throughout the year. It goes without saying that the Warden, Dean of Undergraduates, Associate Dean of Undergraduates, Junior Deans, Chaplain and Senior Tutor all take a personal interest in each and every Pauline.

Positive relationships and friendship build a sense of belonging and a feeling of being connected, which encourages Paulines to explore their capabilities in and around their University courses and college experiences. This web of inter-connected relationships between fellow students, staff and Old Paulines provides a net and spring board of support.

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Spiritual Life

The College is an Anglican Foundation. Faith is expressed formally through the weekly services held in the College’s beautiful 1960s chapel. The College is inclusive in its application procedures and welcomes members of all faith traditions. The wellbeing of the whole of the College and all its members is a microcosm of how religion can enliven a community in which people are at different stages of formal and informal commitment.

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Intellectual Life

Since its inception, the College has been and still remains a teaching college. Paulines are justifiably proud of the College’s academic record, its University Medallists, Rhodes Scholars and other international scholarship-holders, and the distinguished contribution to public life made by many of its alumni. 

At the core of the formal tuition programme are the Tutorials which offer small group academic mentoring in over sixty subjects. Discussing work with fellow students is a great way to help you to comprehensively understand what you are studying. Resident post-graduate and research scholars provide another rich resource for undergraduates.

As a learning community we aim to stimulate intellectual debate and enquiry within and beyond one’s particular academic discipline. This occurs informally, such as in conversations at mealtimes, or at the regular seminars, forums and symposia presented by distinguished visitors.

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Creative Life

Creativity is an academic, co-curricular and pastoral pursuit at St Paul’s. Drama, Music and Visual Arts help our students to speak to their own lives – to find their own rhythms, craft their own shapes and to find new ways to express themselves. We also value the opportunity The Arts provide as a holistic approach to life-long learning with many former Paulines pursuing careers as artists, actors or musicians.

Our intention is to enhance a love and understanding of cultural activity and what it brings in terms of a greater sense of who we are. Dynamic opportunities in Drama, Music and Visual Arts include the Palladian Cup (the inter-collegiate cultural competition), the Chapel Choir, Mummers (the in-house theatre company), Victoriana (Australia’s longest running music-hall performance) and various other musical performances across the year.

Sport and Recreation

Physical activity is important for general wellbeing and health at all stages of adult life. Touch football or tip is one of the key routines of College life, enjoyed daily at 5pm since time immemorial. In addition to our playing oval, our gym is well-equipped for student athletes or those who just want to keep fit. 

The College encourages serious sportsmen to play wider representative sport for the University or other clubs.

St Paul’s also proudly participates in the intercollegiate sporting competition, the Rawson Cup which enables the participation of students in Cricket, Swimming Rowing, Rugby, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis and Athletics.

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Service and Interest

St Paul’s College is able to offer students unique benefits and opportunities, partly thanks to the vision, generosity and philanthropy of those in generations past. As such, each generation is instilled with a deep sense of belonging, indebtedness and community-minded service. 

Students select which causes or campaigns are of significance to them, and engage accordingly should their schedules permit. There is a strong and historical culture of giving back through support of community organisations, charities, and other initiatives.

In recent years St Paul’s students have given their time and raised funds for Legacy (for Veterans and their families), Mary’s House (supporting victims of domestic violence), the Cooper Rice-Brading Foundation (cancer research) and Buy a Bale (supporting drought-affected farmers) to name a few.

Social Life

The tight-knit college lifestyle helps foster organic friendships and various other relationships. Not only will you live and learn in close proximity to other like-minded individuals, you will inevitably participate in, and have the opportunity to co-ordinate student activities including social gatherings, functions and parties. 

The strong relationship between peers, with Graduate House and Women’s College and other College students, and the University at large means, there is always something going on at College!

Some important events during the year include Welcome Week, Inter-college Dinners, University and College Dinner, Faculty Dinners, Surreal Sounds Music Concert, Jazz Dinner Dance, Valedictory Dinner and the Formal.


Future You

College is a home of opportunity to set you apart for the future. Some of the greatest social enterprises and business have been born of the connections and community found at College. Most recently two current Paulines formed threefourfive an HSC mentoring service.

GRISP is the formal Alumni mentoring program of St Paul’s. Past students who have achieved success in their fields volunteer their time to mentor and advise current students in reaching their career goals in areas ranging from the arts and law to science and business.

Built into the heart of undergraduate life are ample opportunities for students to take leadership or organisational positions whether being elected to the Students’ Club Committee, taking one of the many convenorships or as a Peer Support Leader. These opportunities provide St Paul’s men the chance to make practical application of the skills they are learning within College and the University and set themselves apart for the future.


Your home at Paul’s has everything you need to keep you focused on your studies and make the most of your time at University. Undergraduate rooms are allocated according to seniority and contribution to College. The magnificent Dining Hall is where the community gathers together for meals under its imposing Gothic windows and timbered ceiling. The College Chapel is the setting for formal liturgical worship and occasional music recitals. The Common Rooms are the perfect setting for after-dinner talks or simply relaxing between lectures. The Mansfield library is a popular choice for students who wish to work in a quiet space out of their room, along with tutorial rooms where tutorials for various subjects are conducted.

The College Oval is available for sporting games, personal training or just relaxing. The Salisbury Bar is a fully-licensed bar run by the Bar Manager and is open several evenings a week to residence and to guests every Wednesday. The very well equipped TAG Family Gymnasium which opened in late 2018 is for the exclusive use of Paul’s students, and there is a seperate Billiards and Table Tennis Room. A designated Music Room sits on campus for individual practice or ensemble rehearsals. Laundries are located throughout the College which include washing machines, dryers and ironing equipment.

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